Colette E. Nishimura

REALTOR® Associate

New Homeowner

Welcome New Homeowners This packet contains the following items: 1.  Board of Directors List 2.  Sure Pay Application 3.  MTA Rules Pamphlet 4.  Building Permit Pamphlet (City & County) 5.  Hall Rental Rates 6.  Aquatics Program Descriptions 7.  Classes, Clubs and Organizations 8.  Design Committee Application 9. Makai (Town) Map 10. Mauka (Mountain) Map 11. C.A.I. Rights and Responsibilities 12. Design Committee Rules & Guidelines 13. Declaration of Covenants Conditions & Restrictions 14. Bus Routes



The contents of the Homeowner Packet are available for download as a Zip File Here:   Homeowner Packet Zip